14 Black-Owned Etsy Shops to Support All Year-Round

2022-06-16 14:55:57 By : Ms. Monica Zhao

By Alyssa Gautieri | Published Jun 16, 2022 10:20 AM

A go-to destination for home decor, personalized gifts, and handmade jewelry, Etsy makes it easy to support talented Black artists, designers, candle makers, sustainable clothing sellers, and other small business owners, many of whom draw inspiration from their cultural roots. The online marketplace even lets you sort by Black creators with an entire landing page dedicated to Etsy Black-owned businesses and shops on its site.

Whether you’re looking to invest in contemporary wall art, redefine your style with handcrafted jewelry, or up your hair care game, you’ll find it all—and more. Here are 16 of our favorite Black-owned Etsy shops that you can support all year round.

Lamp shades, aprons, table runners, and throw pillows are the highlight of this African-inspired shop. Inspired by her Ghanaian roots, founder and designer Natalie Manima created an eclectic homeware brand that reflects the vibrant colors and prints of her upbringing. Every item is handmade to order, ensuring a unique result every time. The London-Based shop also sells oven mitts, blankets, handwriting journals, travel accessories, and a few clothing items.

Boasting intricate details, every piece of this handcrafted jewelry shop is organic and handcrafted. Chicago-based creator Alicia Goodwin uses several techniques, including acid etching and metal reticulation, to craft unique textures. Whether it’s an elegant everyday earring or a sculpted gold necklace, it makes a statement. From reticulated brass to etched sterling silver, the full shop includes a collection of earrings, bangles, pendants, rings, and more.

Gianni Alexander created Fro.ology, a clean-beauty natural hair care brand that empowers women with afro-textures. Find everything from shampoo, conditioner, and gel to repair masks, curl cream, and baby wash. “Afros are such a significant part of our culture that I wanted to create a hair care line embracing just that,” says Alexander. Best-selling items include the curl refresher, rice water deep conditioner, Irish moss hair gel, and growth oil.

Drawing inspiration from African landscapes, wildflowers, and animals, designer Emma Hall creates contemporary wall art filled with vibrant colors. Currently living in Lisbon, Hall is originally from Mozambican which contributes to her love of bright colors, nature, and boho-inspired decor. Shop digital prints and physical artwork, as well as a smaller selection of postcards, wrapping paper, aprons, calendars, and more.

From sophisticated neutrals to colorful swirls, artist Sidney Shanae channels creativity with her handmade press on nails and nail polish. Everything is vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free and comes in a ton of styles and shapes, including round, almond, square, ballerina, and coffin. Shop sizes from extra small to large, or create a custom size to ensure the nails are a perfect match for your hand.

Bring nature into the home with sustainable planters, bowls, and storage pots made from cork. You’ll also find colorful cardholders crafted from cork and vegan leather. The contemporary homeware and lifestyle accessories are made by Jenny Espirito Santo, who runs her business from London.

Focused on healing and intentional living, Sentient Self sells all-natural soy wax candles that are infused with crystals. Every candle is handcrafted with intention, whether it’s with an amethyst to strengthen imagination, rose quartz to attract new love, or green aventurine to improve your luck. Shop owner Jasmine Johnson also sells crystal keychains, necklaces, wands, and raw stones.

Created with the intention to empower women, this Black-owned business is best known for its Women Body Candle. Maker Nikita offers a number of skin tone shades and three different body sizes, including a pregnant body candle. You can also upgrade your home decor with a bubble candle, arch candle, bandu knot candle, or a simple jar scented candle.

Add a bohemian touch to any space with handmade macrame decor, such as plant hangers, wall hangings, and coasters by Casey Alberti. The stay-at-home mom lives in the Pacific Northwest and stumbled up her knack for macrame. Available in a ton of different colors and styles, her lightweight hangers are perfect for displaying your favorite plants from the wall or ceiling. You’ll also love her stylish fringe earrings or a DIY Hanger Kit if you’re looking to get creative.

Full of playful colors, whimsical designs, and stylish caricatures, art from Lovely Earthlings works well in bedrooms, living rooms, and dorm rooms. Find art prints, tote bags, and greeting cards that highlight diverse hair textures and the various shapes and shades of beauty. Artist Karina Daniel Parris was born in the Republic of Panama and has since lived in Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Louisville, Kentucky—all of which have inspired her unique creations.

Find polymer clay earrings shaped as sunflowers, mini arches, leaves, and butterflies as you browse Letecha Miles’ unique jewelry shop. Choose from soothing neutrals that are perfect for everyday wear or funky colors that function as a statement piece. The Arkansas-based creator also sells clay cutters, so you can create your own masterpiece at home.

Iowa-based fiber artist and interior designer Candice Luter creates custom furniture and unique home accents using scraps of wood and fabric from her home studio. Shop hand-textured coffee tables, abstract gold mirrors, macrame wall hangings, and boho fringe mirrors. Through her work, Candice blends her love for mid-century, art deco, and minimalist styles so you’re sure to find a piece that pairs with your home design.

With simple styles fit for everyday and vintage pieces that tell individual stories, this reclaimed apparel and accessories shop is a great destination for men and women looking to upgrade their wardrobe. The Texas-based shop was founded in 2012 by husband and wife Norman and Rachelle Clark who share a love for vintage and secondhand pieces.

Chic and trendy, this Mississippi-based creator sells handmade clutches to pair with your style. Choose from exotic, plaid, and aztec prints, as well as styles made from faux fur, corduroy, and faux leather. After owner and designer Cheynne wasn’t able to continue her full time job during the pandemic, she decided to put her talents to good use. You’ll also find a number of colorful button earrings.

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